I have been remisss

I admit, I have been slacking. I forgot to do my Monday update post.

Another week as gone by and another two pounds lighter. I was surprised even though I stayed on track the entire week. It’s getting easier now on all fronts. Hopefully this means things are becoming “habits”. It is getting a lot easier to eat clean. I just find myself falling into a rut of eating the same things, especially during the week. I need to work in some variety, lest I get bored and stray.

From a mental standpoint, I no longer freak out at the amount of food I can consume in a day. That is a huge mental victory for me. At times I find myself trying to find ways to add calories back in because I am too far below my daily goal. This is a good thing. For me I have always had that mental hurdle of starting to panic a little because my daily caloric goal seems like it will leave me hungry. I see that number, maybe I am in between meals at the time and a little hungry and I would get despaired. Thankfully, I have broken that pattern ad that is not the case anymore. This is especially critical because as my weight goes down, so does my daily caloric intake goal. I have come to realize that they are small steps down and that I can do it.

Nutrition-wise, eating clean and staying in my caloric goal is n’t going to be enough. I need to balance out the rations a bit more. I look back at what I have been eating and see that I haven’t been consuming near enough healthy fat and carbs, and too much protein. I need to re-balance things a little.

I am torn with competing in the 7th Annual Strongman at the 2015 Imagine RIT festival. I really want to do the Mendon Mauler 4 mile trail run in June. With Strongman in May, the train up for that will be a little contrary to training for a 4 mile run. I am just now getting comfortable trying to run two miles. Plus, I am lacking in  some of the equipment necessary to train for the competition, such as Atlas stones, kegs and the zercher rack for the medley. I enjoy the strongman style training more, I just need to be careful not to pack the size back on if I do it. I know where I was weak last time (stones) so I need to find a way to train for the event without the actual equipment.

The Mendon Mauler on the other hand is more in keeping with my goals of a leaner, faster me. Although I was never exactly a cheetah…..oh well. I am stil doing strength training, and endurance so I have some time if I decide to do both. I am not looking for the land speed record i the run, just a finish and I am comfortable  if that includes a little walking. I think my time goal of under 56 minutes is reasonable give where I am right now.

I will have to put some more thought into it. Maybe it’s time to let go of Strongman. I have already crossed that off the bucket list. I was just hoping to do better this time than last.