Don’t wear Sex Panther in the gym…

This is just a brief update to yesterday. If ever there was a day where the stress level was high, it was yesterday. It was like the universe was conspiring against me. From work, to traffic, to weather, every input in my life seemed to be a negative force. But these days happen to us all. You can sit back on your haunches like a donkey, and bray about the universe not being fair, or you can weather the storm armed with the knowledge that it must eventually end. And end it did, or so I thought when I got to the gym.


I decided not to do strength training. I was going straight for a full body workout and conditioning improvement. The best way to do that is circuit training. But I wanted it to be short, intense and not involve a lot of equipment. So after a few revisions, I came up with a quick and dirty Crossfit inspired workout. A 20 minute AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) of the following:

10 Close grip (diamond) push-ups on a med ball

15 Kettlebell goblet squats

20 Crunches

Jump rope 30 singles-this was my “rest period”


If you have never done push-ups on a med ball, you should try it. It is the best way to determine if you have true core stability or not, and it also requires a ton of dynamic stabilization in your shoulders as well just to stay steady on the ball.

I wasn’t trying to break a land speed record. The whole purpose was just to keep moving at a decent pace the whole time and work multiple muscle groups. Somewhere around the 3 minute mark, I developed a pounding headache that really slowed me down. I couldn’t figure out why. The closest I can come is that I have been a bit sniffy lately, so maybe I was developing some sort of sinus thing??? Or maybe I didn’t warm up for this good enough. I am still not sure. I didn’t have any indication of a headache before I got to the gym. I wasn’t malnourished or dehydrated. And I can’t blame my pre-workout because I am used to it. This was made worse by the constant parade of elderly racquetballers leaving the gym. They streamed past me while I was deep into it, with the raging headache, which was made worse by the noxious  and overwhelming scent of the gallon of really cheap aftershave/cologne they must have sprayed all over each other in some sort of bizarre World Series locker room champagne celebration. It remained in the area long after they did.


I made it through despite all that.  I was psyched that I managed to turn myself into that sweaty of a mess in just 20 minutes. I celebrated with my new favorite thing: the sauna. However, I believe the elders disposed of their empty cologne bottle somewhere under the bench in there. It reeked. If I ever thought it was bad in the open air, it was worse in a dark, 170 degree closet. That sort of chopped down my time.

Health club tip: when showering after a workout, stick to just some deodorant/antiperspirant. Whatever olfactory madness you wish to partake in, do it out in your car.

In other news…..

Yesterday I posted a smoothie recipe. I have made an improvement to it. I added a tablespoon of unsweetened Ghirardelli Cocoa powder. Hello anti-oxidants. It also blended well with the vanilla protein powder, yogurt and coconut milk. It’s not for everyone, but it is interesting.



4 thoughts on “Don’t wear Sex Panther in the gym…

  1. It’s entirely possible that toxic additives in Red Bull and Hot Pockets have neutralized the latest generations ability to produce pheromones and they’re compensating with Axe Body Spray. My other theory is that the cultural knowledge of how to properly wash oneself has been superceded by applying fragrant coatings until no one can get close enough to you to notice the bugs.

    In other news, Ghirardelli is delicious but has most of the goodies baked out of it, pardon the pun. If you’re game, try looking into raw cacao or, at the very least, an organic one that hasn’t been dutched. There’s good stuff in there that’ll boost your anabolic endorphin rush, if nothing else. I like Holy Kakow!

    1. I might just try the raw stuff…thanks for the tip. Ghirardelli was all I had on hand. I had “black” cocoa powder, but ran out. That’s my preferred. It has a decent bitterness to it.

      1. Yeah, I hear you–Ghirardelli is pretty damned tasty. I went keto so I don’t crave sugar anymore but Ghirardelli 70% used to be my go-to fix on a Friday night.

        Note: Raw cacao doesn’t taste like the chocolate you’re used to because toasting intensifies the flavor. It’s gonna be a very mild, chocolate-milk kinda effect. But if the antioxidants, protein, and other body boosts are what you’re after, you might as well get everything you pay for. If you have a health food store nearby, ask if they sell raw cacao nibs and if you can sample one. It tastes like creamy chocolate butter. Why can’t Axe make something like THAT? Women would go nuts.

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