I made a strategic decision on Sunday. And it has had unintended consequences and that’s not a bad thing. I decided to take a week off of purposeful calorie restriction. I figured I had been going at this for a bit, and my body (and my mind) could due for a bit of R&R. So my plan is still to keep working out, after all it’s not a total week off and I enjoy it so. I am still tracking my food and I am still eating healthy, high protein and good fats, low amounts of high glycemic carbs, etc. etc.

The only change I made was I started wearing my Fit Bit again. I realized I wasn’t being as active as I would like during the week. So I decided to start tracking to see where I can improve. This is where the first unintended consequence kicked on. I forgot that my Fit Bit app talks to the MyFitnessPal App. That on its own is fine. But what it does is it automatically factors in the subtraction of activity calories from what you have consumed. As an example, before I took it off yesterday, I had logged just under 7,000 steps. The Fit Bit translated that into another 560 calories I could consume and still meet my daily maintenance goal. Oops, got to turn that one off. That plays in to the second unintended consequence.

My body has made more of an adjustment to calorie restriction than I had anticipated. As such, I am having a lot of trouble eating my daily maintenance calories. I still fast from 8 PM till 9:30 AM every day. I still eat about the same amount of food for breakfast and lunch, plus something small in the afternoon and I am quite happy with that. I have a lot of energy…I don’t feel sluggishly full. It works well for me. So around rolls dinner time, and I have an obscene amount of calories left over. I eat a big dinner and still haven’t closed then gap. Now I am full, with a lot of margin left over.

In order to compensate, I have increased what I am eating for breakfast and lunch. I doubt by the end of the week I will have this dialed in, but at least I can narrow the gap. I have personally never tried a”bulk” before. I know and follow a lot of people who have. All I can say to them is I have a newfound respect for you all. Not eating when you are hungry is hard. For some it can be challenging. But the other side of the spectrum is no joke either. I read an article detailing what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson eats in a day in order to maintain that much muscle mass. Granted, he has a chef or a nutritionist who provides the 6 meals a day this guy eats (healthy ones too), but there has got to be times where he sees eating as a chore.

the rock.png

So much for a week off. I have to shovel down more food, but avoid cookies? Aw man!I call Bulls%^t! See you I a few days.



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