2017 Fitness Goals

I have put some thought into what I want to accomplish for my 2017 fitness goals, so I will break them down for you. I kept it simple. My selection criteria were pretty basic. First, it had to be specific, it has to be measurable, and reasonably achievable within the given timeframe. Second, it has to be something that creates a compelling vision for me. I want my goals to be something that will pull me to them, rather than me pushing towards them. My intent this year is to slay some annoying dragons that have been following me around for years now. No more playing around, wishing I could do it. This year I will.

May I approach the Bench?

For all the strength I have gained over the years, this area is perhaps one of the weakest. I focused mainly on functional movements, like squats, deadlifts, or even more functional things, like flipping tires, clean and jerks, logs, kettle bells, etc. etc. etc. I never considered the bench press a functional movement.  I have a general idea where my one-rep max is, but I will need a retest to find out. Right now I know where my 5 rep max is, so I will start from there. My goal: By December 31 2017, bench 315 for 10 reps. I don’t plan on maintaining that level once there, so I will taper it back down a little. But I just want to say I can do it. I want those 6 plates.


City of broad shoulders

For those of you who follow or do Crossfit, I am a huge Rob Orlando fan. He is the one who really turned me on to the concept of functional strength. I like his style of training and his lift heavy things philosophy. One of the most impressive things I saw him do was a video of him on YouTube doing shoulder presses at around 225 pounds. I thought that was just fantastic. Hitting that goal will cause me to have to focus more on my shoulders, which I must admit, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more rounded. My goal: By December 31, 2017, strict barbell shoulder press 225 for 5 reps.  I am coming for you Rob…..just kidding.


Hanging at the bar.

No, not drinking. Although, I don’t mind that at all. When I was younger and foolish, I could do pull-ups like a mad beast. I was a lot lighter, but in some ways proportionally stronger in certain areas. Pull-ups were one of them. My last year in the Army I attended Air Assault School while I was stationed at Ft. Campbell. Every day time you entered school grounds, you hit that pull-up bar for a set of 10 (with your pack on), and you did it when you left. Every time, without fail. If not then the price you paid was far worse than 10 pull-ups. The instructor shack had a window facing the pull-up bars and someone was always watching. I have been neglectful of my pull-ups. As a result, my ability to perform this dynamic movement has been lost. In Crossfit this was my goat. I had to use a resistance band for pull-ups. I was improving, but then I hurt my shoulder and that sort of sealed my fate. Well, my shoulder is slowly getting better and I am regaining that dynamic strength.  My goal: By December 31, 2017, 10 unbroken pull-ups (completely unassisted).   Of all my goals, I feel that I am closest to this one in terms of time it will take to pull it off, yet farthest away in terms of level of effort. It is perhaps the simplest; however I am a lot heavier than the skinny-muscled 21 year old maniac I used to be. So I expect this one to be first, yet most painful.


On a more non-specific note, in terms of nutrition, my goal is to maintain my healthy eating (40p/40f/20c macro ratio) and a daily caloric deficit along with it. Not much of a deficit, but constant. This will help keep the fat loss going through the year, and will force me to be much more consistently mindful of what I am feeding my body, reinforcing healthy eating patterns. And that can’t hurt at all. At this time, I have a specific weigh in mind, however, I want to ease into it and play it by ear. This way I can base my goal on how I look rather than a number on the scale. That is a much healthier approach.

Well, that about sums it up. Nothing really groundbreaking here. Now I just have to do it. No “resolutions’ this year. Just goals.


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