I sort of fell off the grid after my day 3 post. Things got busy, and there was little time for blogging. But I kept at it. I had a bump up and then down, then up again, then down. It was quite the roller coaster. Around day 4 I was gnashing my teeth in frustration. But I held the course. The end result is 2.2 pounds in 8 days (I cheated and waited an extra day.). Fairly respectable I must say and I am proud that I pulled it off. Would I do it week over week? If I absolutely had to, then yes. But that would have to be cutting for some type of event that has a weight class. And seeing as how I am not a body builder, or a power lifter and I gave up the strongman stuff, then hell no, I would not keep up that high of a pace for weight loss.


There was some learning this week. I have developed an introspective diagnostic tool that I plan to keep in my back pocket should I again end up in a spot where I am trying to drop weight and I am yo-yoing or just not seeing results. I am a Planning Analyst after all. I spend all day doing stuff like this at work, so why not put it to good use? The first one is a rookie move that I fell victim too. I should have known better.

First, (and this applies to either short term or long term weight loss goals) I need to do measurements as part of my baseline. It’s another metric that I wish I had last week. Especially on days 4 and 5 when my weight bumped up yet I dropped a belt notch. I missed that sign completely.

Second, I need to more consistently track water intake. Tracking with an associated goal pushes me to drink more water. For a while I thought I was but I really wasn’t. Weight loss is a lot more efficient when you are fully hydrated. Plus the more you drink, the less you retain.

Third, the next time I try something like this (I may do it again in a few months), I need to spend at least ten days to two weeks eating at or slightly below my maintenance level. It will give my body a chance to reset and replenish before I start forcing it to consume itself.

It was a fun week. I was shocked at how easy it can be to deprive yourself sometimes. Especially after being a month into having a daily caloric deficit. Your hunger can sort of shut off which isn’t good, especially when it is post-workout. Then you need to force yourself to eat something when eating is the last thing on your mind. Then that triggers the hunger and a viscous cycle starts over.

The last official night we had pizza and wings. My deficit for the week was around 7050 calories. So I ignored everything I was seeing and just trusted in that when we decided on dinner.  That takes into account “exercise earned” calories that MyFitnessPal adds in when I log cardio. In reality the deficit was bigger. I did three weight training sessions and the App isn’t great at tracking that so I don’t even try. That helps account for the extra .2 pounds. I ate very mindfully and exercised restraint on pizza night and made sure I drank a lot of water along with it. Even with pizza and boneless Buffalo wings I still did well calorie-wise for the day. Of course, since I ate something with bread, the next day brought on the bloat but that quickly faded. Maybe I have some type of minor gluten intolerance?

Sorry I was a few days late. I took some time to process all that. Blogging during the evenings is hard. The puppy and the wife demand attention and by the time I get home, there isn’t a lot of time between hanging up my keys and bed. More to come though. My 2017 goal is to blog more.



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