First Day

So yesterday went well. Overall I ended up with a 1500 calorie deficit. In part beucase of exercise…45 minutes walking the dog. For future reference I learned that you can wear a puppy out, but all they need is 15 minutes to recharge and bang, they are off again. I wish my body could do that. I know I can’t keep up that deficit for the rest of the week. My body will adapt and I will see diminishing returns.

Intermittent fasting made it pretty easy to make my goal. My macros weren’t right on point, but they were pretty close. i don’t sweat it if I don’t get the macros right. I mainly use them to make sure my carbs stay in check and that i am getting a lot of protein. I didn’t eat until lunch which gave me a 14 hour fast. 

I will try and taper off my deficit a little, but its hard. When you knock down your daily feeding period to 8-10 hours, sometimes you just don’t feel like eating. I need to add a larger snack/meal in between lunch and dinner. I am used to morning fasting now. I have been doing it for months, and my body really only needed about a week to adapt. 

I hit it pretty hard at the gym. not a lot of recovery between sets when I was weight training. I never rest long between sets (something I adapted to when I was doing CrossFit and just never stopped).It kept my heart rate up the whole time. I can’t do that 5 minutes between set shit that I see all the gym bros doing. I just dont want to spend that much time in the gym. So by the time I got around to doing some treadmill cardio at the end, I had more than  likley already done some cardio by default.  

I may skip the gym tomrrow, we’ll see how it goes. Happy fitness to everyone!

Peace, out!


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