Day 2

Almost the same deficit as the day 1. There was a good drop in weight yesterday, follwed by a slight uptick in weight this morning despite almost the same deficit. But I am still down overall. I attribute that to what I ate…too much salt and my carbs were a bit high for the day. 

Good workout on Day 2 as well. Somewhere along the way, I messed up something in my lower back and it baffles me as to how i did that seeing as how I worked chest and triceps. Right now its more of a hamper on my mobility than anything. If it cuts into my ability to exercise, then I will restrict my calories to match. 

Only time will tell. Until tomorrow then….


2 thoughts on “Day 2

    1. I was just contemplating that. I have a nice trigger point, I should be using it, but it’s still a bit tender. I am gonna wait till morning and give it a good stretch and roll out.

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