2017….just Becuase

Not one to miss out on  good time, i have decided to start the year off right. I am starting with a short-term goal. I can’t even call it a resolution, more lke an exercise in self-dsicipline, and a chance to pusj myself a little. Previoulsy, i had lost soem weight. But I did it at a very gradual pace and I didn’t really set a solid end goal as to where I wanted to end up. I knew I wanted to clean up my diet and get healthier, so thats what I did. I the process, I lost a fairly steady pound a week. And I was very happy with that. I have even managed to not have any holiday weight gain….but it was not easy. I think it has to do more with the fact that I have sort of re-aligned my relationship with food and eating in general, and that in turn has helped me make better choices. 

Anyway, I have set no concrete goals for yet. In the interim, I have decided to try and drop 2 pounds in a week. Is that type off loss something I would try and do week over week? No,  but I will give it a go for a week. That means a 7,000 calorie deficit. No fasting. No starving myself. No juice diet. no killing myself in the gym.  Seeing as how I have already  been eating clean and stayed very low carb, the intial de-bloating and water weight loss was done months ago. That means its down to the hard stuff. 

At some point I guess I will have to figure out what I want to accomplish this year, fitness-wise. Until then losing 2 pounds sure can’t hurt. Like I said, it’s not a resolution. In fact I think my resolution for this year, is to replace resolutios with actual goals that are aligned with where I want to be long term.  What are resolutions anyway? A snap decision we make because we need to do sometning, but we only have a vague notion of some of the details associated with what that really is. 

Well then, thats it. I have set a reminder on my calendar to post reults at the end of the week, along with any  info biits I learn about the process along the way. It’s not an impossible goal. It’s just not something I have atteempted to date. Until then, Happy new year to everyone. 


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