It’s the most scammer-filled time of the year…..

You all know at this point the holidays are here. We all sit here contemplating eating and workout strategies to counteract the bad food, stress and hectic schedules that come with it. Each of us fighting our own battles. Whether it be monk-like abstinence or hedonistic holiday ritual binging, The holidays really magnify any holes you have in your fitness game. As a famous German military strategist once said:



No Battle Plan Survives Contact With the Enemy”.

So true Helmuth….so very, very true.

Anyway, here we are. Some of us will stay within  the herd of conventional wisdom. Unfortunately, just like on Animal Planet, there are those that will stray form the herd. Enticed out by fitness gypsies with empty promises. Driven by desire for quick results, or the frustration brought about by lack of progress, they fall prey to these predators and their quick-fix gimmicks. We have all heard them “Take this pill, by this gadget, drink these shakes, reduce the bloat, remove that toxic sludge buildup”, etc. etc. etc.

Well what the hell right? It’s only $19.95 plus shipping and handling. Hell, I get a second one free (that should always be a red flag), and if I don’t like it I can return it for a full refund (again, red flag). They know your mental state. You are in a hurry. Your frustrated and want quick progress. So they play on that sense of urgency by promising quick results. They throw in some b.s. science terms as a pedigree to get you to trust the product. And then to beat down your skepticism, if it still remains, they give you the safety of the guarantee. It’s marketing 101 folks, and if you are not informed, you don’t stand a chance. The system is designed to exploit psychological weaknesses that we all have.

I follow a bunch of YouTube Fitness Channels as do a lot of us who are interested in fitness. One of them is Chelsea Lifts. If you are not familiar with her, she is fairly young and new to the game, but pretty sharp. She has a gym, does online coaching, I believe she is a certified nutritionist….but what I like is her openness and her fairly basic approach to fitness.  Eat healthy, workout regularly, and track your progress, both food and weight consistently. So she posted a video about a quick weight loss transformation and 14 pound weight loss in 14 days. Form the title and the before/after images, at first glance you will swear it is one of those gimmick-selling videos. Trust me it isn’t. She explains exactly how she did it and why. She also explains the tricks that people who make these videos or ads use to give results that are misleading in order to get you to buy something.  I have included the link below, so check it out. This is not a shameless plug for her channel, I am just sharing what I think is good information to educate you as a consumer.

Is it possible you cold buy this wonder gimmick and it could work? Sure. But if it worked for more people than it didn’t , whatever it was would be flying off the shelves ad it would be all over the place. Be skeptical, and if in doubt then just stick to the basics. It may not be slick and sexy. It may not be fast. But I can assure you the results will be more sustainable. If you know someone, like a lot of us do, who is constantly “doing a cleanse” to remove bloat, or lose those annoying 5 pounds, they are most likely victims of “new school” thinking and not sticking to the basics.

Be skeptical, trust tried and true methods, and beware! Snake Oil salesman still exist. They just found a new market, weight loss.


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