Changin S#%t up today!

I feel I have been stale. In a rut. Stuck. Unmotivated to keep going. Ever been there? Most likely. So I am changing things up. Changing gyms to be exact. My current gym is adequate for my goals. I have just grown bored with it. I think it’s time I see other gyms. It’s not you Gold’s Gym, Webster, it’s me.

I like the place, but I have really fallen into a bad groove there, and I am just losing my motivation to go. So rather than try and gut it out and find reasons to not make excuses as to why I don’t want to go but should, but won’t, I am just going to change gyms. I have moved anyway so something a little closer to home would be great. Gold’s was great because I had to drive past it on my way home, and it wasn’t too far away if I wanted to pop in on a weekend. My membership wasn’t expensive. The locker rooms were clean. The gym was clean. And people at Gold’s are a serious bunch. I like that.

The main problem is that it’s small, and it’s right across the street from Webster Thomas School. So every afternoon, the place fills up with high school kids getting in some extra gym time. They aren’t a terrible bunch, but a body is a body. And given the layout, sometimes classes can be in the way of what you are trying to accomplish. Space is a premium there. I am looking for a place that has the equipment that I like, that can handle a lot of people, keep my membership about the same, no contract, and has some decent amenities. Like nice locker rooms, or a place to grab a protein shake after if I want.

Hello L. A. Fitness, you sexy beast you.

Yes, I made the leap yesterday. Today will be my first workout. It’s on my way to and from work. It’s half a mile from my house. It has a ton of equipment. It has dedicated class space, so no conflicts. No contract, and it has a place to get a protein smoothie after I work out if I so choose.  I also get some stuff I haven’t had at Gold’s; country club style lockers, pool, sauna, and giant Jacuzzi. Those are some nice after workout therapy options. I am getting older after all.

What I really like was that I could haggle through a few different options for pricing and ended up pretty close to the price I was paying for Gold’s. The only downside is, L.A. Fitness requires a onetime initiation fee. But at least it’s once. Not every year like Planet Fitness sticks you with.

So today is my first “date” and I am a little nervous. It will be a little awkward. Mainly, I want to assess the vibe there. How’s the clientele? Does it get real crowded late afternoons? ARE THEY SERIOUS PEOPLE? Or do they wander aimlessly about, hogging machines while they sit there tweeting between sets. We shall see what today brings.

On an unrelated note, say hello to Sophie…..our new 10 week old puppy


If you ever want to lose a few pounds…buy a puppy. The constant running around, cleaning up, watching them constantly, making sure they get enough exercise so they don’t turn destructive…….the wife and I have both actually lost weight just keeping up with her.