In my quest to maintain a healthy eating style, I long ago made the decision to switch to mostly paleo diet. I made this choice for a few reasons. First because like many members of my family,  I suffer from acid-reflux. My grandmother had it, my father has it….so guess what? I grew up eating just like them and I have it. Was it brought on by three generations of bad eating? Is my family just genetically predisposed to having difficulty with certain foods? Doesn’t matter, it’s here to stay.  Secondly, I eat paleo (mostly) because I feel the difference in how my body responds to not eating gluten and processed carbs.

That doesn’t mean I don’t eat any….because I do. I just severely restrict them to only a day or two each week.

When I do deviate it is always for a few predictable things. My goal now is to find acceptable substitutes for those few items. Pizza is hard. How do you replace a pizza crust? I have tried the gluten-free options and my answer there is NO. The second is pasta. And this is where I seem to have caught a break.

Thank you Wegmans!

Say hello to some new friends:

Sweet Potato noodles

Beet Noodles

Butternut Squash Noodles

I know, I know, you can make that yourself. I have tried, and it’s not always as easy as it looks. These have a beautiful consistency to them.  It spares me the aggravation of having a kitchen freak out because mine don’t have the same thickness, or my hand slipped and cut them short, or I have hurled said produce against the wall in frustration……(it happens).

But here are these wonderful things, thoughtfully made and freshly packaged. Why would I not buy them and save myself the stress? News flash! I have. This week I will be trying the sweet potato noodles with some sautéed broccoli, black olives, tomatoes and Italian sausage. In subsequent weeks I will be adding in the others.  Wegmans also has riced cauliflower so I will be sampling that as well.

I am happy that my grocery store is on board with healthier eating, and I will use my dollars to support this trend. Maybe it will stick. My fear is that I will fall in love with these only to have them vanish in 3 weeks because I am the only one who likes them. But I am happy in my small victory. One step in the right direction towards a permanently healthier life.


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