Chipotle….I love you.

Chipotle, yes…chipotle.I know I am probably late to the game on this one. I don’t care. It just so happens that it’s sort of on the way home from work. So on saturdays, when I go into work for a few hours to try and get some stuff done in peace, I hit the gym after and then on to a fabulous bowl or salad.

I had watched countless fitness people on Youtube raving about it. thought it looked good, and always told myself if we ever get one here, I gotta try it. Well, now we do, and now I can. 

But is it healthy? I think so. I think it is just from the standpoint of I can run through their pretty cool online nutritional calculator, and create a meal. This way I have a plan before I step through the door.I had a salad today with steak and chicken, fresh salsa and guac. 66 GRAMS OF PROTEIN! Only 13 grams of carbs, and 35 grams of fat. Low-carb, high ptoein, loaded with healthy fat, what more could I sk for post-workout. 

The youTube hype wasn’t just hype after all. 

Happy eating!


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