Cursed?? Karma? Or just the randomness of the Universe?

Yesterday was not easy. It’s one of those days where everything starts to go wrong, and you just know in your gut, this is how the day is going to go. It started just as the sun came up. In attempting to be a good husband, I was scraping the snow and ice off the wife’s car. Somehow, I managed to cleave off a wiper blade. That is where I knew it was all going to go wrong. For the record, I didn’t leave the car like that.  I took it to work, left her my Jeep, and while I was travelling between locations, I stopped and replaced the blades.

I got to work and opened my backpack, and was greeted by a puff of lemon-lime smoke. WTF??? It seems my shaker bottle that had my pre-workout in it had come open and coated everything inside the bag in powder. So I started my day having to clean off everything in my bag and wash it out.

Work was no better. Utter chaos, broken by a hasty lunch. I ate on the run which always leaves me feeling bad, bloated and out of sorts. I considered several times not going to the gym. I just wanted to say “screw it” and just go home. By 3:30, I really needed stress relief, and I decided the gym was the cure.

The gym wasn’t crowded. That made up for not having any pre-workout. I even got the locker I wanted.  That is where the good times ended. Right there, at the water fountain, by the locker room.

First exercise, got a good warm up in. Started with barbell bent over rows. Couldn’t get into good position, couldn’t get a good feel for it. Never made the weight I wanted to. I was a little aggravated at that. Next up, standing barbell shoulder press. I love this one, this ismmy jam. I felt I warmed in just right. I was doing reverse pyramid, so my first “working ” set would be the heaviest. I was shooting for 6 reps at 160 lbs. I managed 5 last time, and I felt primed for success. That is until I nailed that 3rd rep. Then suddenly I couldn’t even get out of the hole on number 4. Now I am thoroughly digusted and pissed off. I decided that I would get 6 reps, even if it meant 2 more singles, so I dial in some loud angry lifting music and try and hammer out #5. It’s not happening. Again, WTF???? I re-rack the bar with a crash and a loud “f$%k!” Luckily, no one really heard it, or at least they pretended not to. I pulled off the plates and moved on to my next exercise.

Oops, forgot. I was doing 2 working sets. In my anger and haste, I forgot all about the 2nd set. I looked back and someone was already set up at the rack. well, moving on then. Since my back and shoulders  were already warmed up, I decided to alternate between sets up chin-ups, and hanging leg raises. I needed to make up time, and the stations are right next to each other. Win-win!

First set of leg raises were good. First set of chin-ups , crushed it. Second set of leg raises, almost as many as the first. Second set of chin-ups, SHARP BURNING PAIN in my right elbow/lower bicep on rep 4. Only 4 more to go, I can suck it up…….rep 5 hurts and I can feel the grip strength fading in my right hand. So I stop there. By the time I got down, I could feel the burning in my bicep anad forearm. Now I am screwed. I know the difference between hurt and injured, I was injured.

I had two more exercises to go, but I called it quits right there. No immediate swelling, so I knew it wasn’t serious. But I can still feel it today. This screws me for at least the rest of the week. Every push/pull I did with my arm today hurt. Even something as simple as opening a door.

So, as long as I am benched, I think it is a good time to re-organize my workout. i will relegate myself to nothing but cardio for the rest of the week just to keep active. I am not happy with my workout program. I get the rationale behind some parts of it. It’s designed to be maximally effective with minimal exercises/sets. However, there are some misplaced exercises in the workouts, and I am not happy with the way it mixes straight sets almost randomly in between reverse pyramid sets.

I think at this point in my lifting career, it’s time to just stick to my own plans. I have seen enough, done enough and read/researched enough, that I have enough knowledge to put this together, and I have successfully in the past. So my plan is to do nothing but cardio while my arm heels and I sort out my workout. I have a pretty good idea of what I want. The idea here is to keep improving strength on key lifts while continuing to shed a little more body fat. I will keep the 3-day split. I like it that way, and it allows me to limit my lifting days, but keeps them at or just under an hour per session. Cardio days stuffed in between lifting days, and one weekend day will be a “fun” day. Usually some strongman type activites or olympic lifts to break up the monotony.

Did I not curse myself in my last post???? Things are going great blah, blah, blah. INJURY. This is payback for all my arrogance and complacency. Karma, Fate, whatever  the name……..sometimes it just happens.

Well, whatever the cause, I am where I am. This is a good time to re-group and re-align. I will post whatever I put together for my next program.

Until then……


2 thoughts on “Cursed?? Karma? Or just the randomness of the Universe?

    1. Thank you. the bad day was yesterday. Today was much better. Tomrrow may be better still??? wE will see what it brings. my arm is healing well thouogh. I am happy for that.

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