Weekly Ramblings 4/3/16

It sure is easy to stay motivated when things are going well, isn’t it? That about sums up the week. I got in all 5 workouts, 3 strength days, 2 cardio days. I have been successful at keeping up water consumption all week, my lowest day was about 72 oz. My protein intake was up where I wanted it, all days but one. oN a reverse note, my carbs where down where i wanted them, all days but one.

What happened on that one day? let me tell you it was both glorious and disappointing. I had been hot shit with my macros all day. My wIfe had talkd me into going to Burger King for dinner. I had some advance notice, so I did my homework beforehand by getting BK’s nutritional info online. a word about that, as healthy choices go, there really aren’t any. i was attempting to limit the damage , but it was hard. I held back on fat and carbs all day to make room for dinner. I could have had a Whopper, no mayo, no cheese, and a grilled chicken salad and I would have been in pretty good shape. supplement that with a protein shake before and after to even things out.  Boom, successful day.

Even the best plans don’t survive the first shot in combat.

I got in there and it all went to shit, as soon as I took in the smells. I ended up with the Angriest whopper, large Onion rings and  a large root beer. Oh, and on the way out I grabbed an Oreo Irish Mint shake. There was no “after” protein shake. I entered my macros for the day and hung my head in shame. It really is amazing how shitty the nutritional content of a whopper is versus a homeade burger. it’s all fat, carbs and sugar, very little protein. Just to come up with a “good” meal at BK, I had to spend a lot of time studying the nutritional information just to get a workable plan together. After that came the bloating and upset stomach. And the damn whopper wasn’t even that angry. I would say I felt cheated, but I only cheated myself.

NAH, I don’t regret it. It was a teachable moment. It re-inforces why you shouldn’t eat fast food, and why I should stick to my plan. Needless to say we will not be doing that again for a while. 

If you fail, at least learn from it.


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