So how can you eat healthy, lose weight and still eat a lot of the things you want? Simple. Begin with the end in mind. Have a plan that allows you the flexibility to add some enjoyment. who wants to lead a life of six small meals of chicken breast, egg whites and kale? No one, not even me and I like kale.

Flexible dieting and tracking are the keys to success. You can’t continually deprive yourself and succeed. That is where flexible dieting comes in. I allow myself anywhere from 10-20% of my daily calories to come from, shall we say, “more questionable sources”…usually I am closer to 10%. but because of that I never feel deprived. But you just can’t go all free wheelin with it. You need a plan and you need to track. Otherwise things can rapidly spiral out of control.

So I begin with the end in mind. I bought this lovely Green and Blacks Mint Chocolate Bar. I know I can eat half. Now thanks to the genious who created MyFItness Pal, I can. and still not blow over my calories, or my macros. This morning, before I ate anything, I input my dessert. high in fat, high in carbs. Now I have all day to work around that, and still meet my goals. In fact, I will be under my totals but even in my macros across the board.  And  the chocolate is less than 10% of my daily calories. win, win, win.

Some times you have to give a little to get a lot.


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