Weekly Ramblings 3/20/16

Well, another week gone by. Two pounds fell by the wayside as well. I didn’t plan on that much. But I will most certainly take it. All three workouts went well. I didn’t have the potential for rapid progress after the first week of the program, like I did last time. That means what I did last time laid a good foundation for me.  My starting weights are accurate and the lifts are challenging which means growth.

Recently at my gym, they posted an announcement for some upcoming bodybuilding competition. This really explains the change in the atmosphere I am feeling. I can tell who the serious competitors are. There are a few men and women stalking around the place who I am pretty sure are competing. It’s always interesting to watch the changes in their physiques as they carve off body fat. I find it fascinating what you can make the body do in just a few short months.  You can tell they are getting closer now, really close when their faces become more angular as a result of hitting into single digit body fat. Simply amazing. Not something that I would want to try. And I imagine it is really , really hard to sustain for any length of time.

A Shift in the dynamic

I have noticed a slight shift in the demographics of the free weight area recently. More women are actually using free weights. Most of them haven’t started lifting like full blown Bros yet (thank god). But it is about time that women started breaking out of the concept of a workout involving a treadmill or elliptical and nothing more. Slaving away for who knows how many countless lost hours every year on the cardio equipment. The end result being they manage to shuck off a few hundred calories that they will put back on  with a post-workout treat, shake, Gatorade or end of the day chardonnay. Maybe, just maybe the “cardio queens” will see the more rapid results that can come from resistance training, and how it can be accomplished in much less time.

I know I generalized a bit there.  But we have all seen it. It’s their time, so they are free to use it as they will. I am just happy to see women entering the culture of strength. For the longest time, it was the realm of female body builders, swimsuit/figure  competitors and hardcore crossfiters. Not so anymore. Men, make way for the ladies. And what is more, some of them are showing good technique, which is more than I can say for some of the Bros……

Spring has sprung


Okay, so it’s not full-blown spring yet here in Upstate NY. That picture was from spring years ago, when the tulips all pooped at once at Cobb’s Hill. However, the snow is gone. We have had more than a few nice days. And you can see the temps starting to trend upward. Now I have the itch to be outside. My body feels it too. This time of year, my mood improves as well.  But impatience sets in. There are paths to mountain bike, trails to run, walks to take and who knows what else. I fully intend to make outdoor time an integral part of my workout strategy as soon as the weather allows.  Weights are for the gym. Nature will provide everything else.

Off to do weekly meal prep. Enjoy the day!


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