So this morning, I woke up with the urge to be productive. Now, I woke up earlier than I would have liked for a Sunday.  6 A.M., but I decided to go with it. I lounged around for a while and watched a movie, drank a little coffee. Then the urge hit me: “Why not throw on some sneakers and go for a quick walk, maybe grab some coffee…”. So out I went, with no plan and no goal, just a notion that I should overcome my morning lethargy. I figured at the very least I could log some easy physical activity. I would like to add for the record, that I did stop for coffee, but there was no place decent on the route I took so I was stuck with 7-11 coffee. It was a bit chilly (around 45 or so) so any port in a storm.

I had my earbuds in and my favorite local radio, WBER, for company. At this point I would like to tip my cap to whomever did this mornings programming. Before I realized what I had done,I found myself 2.5 miles from home. The music was just that good. Ever have that happen? You just get into the zone and they just keep playing one good song after another. What was I to do? Nothing to it but to finish this death march. So home I went.

By the time I got home it was 5.03 miles, with an average pace of 3.6 mph. Gods, I was flying….no wonder why it seemed so quick. SO there I sat , all impressed with myself. My inner overachiever was grinning like the Cheshire cat. I think to myself, it’s only 10 :30 A.M, I can grab a shower and get the grocery shopping done and be home by 12:30. What I day I am having!

Then it hit me. Daylight fucking savings time. No wonder why it was so bright out when I got up. WTF! It’s really 11:30 now? Well, that’s no so special…. It almost took the wind completely out of my sails. I mean, all the clocks were an hour behind my phone. I don’t know how I even noticed.

Yet another reason to get rid of it!

I have since recovered form my dismay. Almost. Now I just feel cheated an want my hour back. And I have to remember to reprogram the coffee maker or there will be a genuine crisis in the morning. At least today was productive. I can’t really bitch about losing an hour, since I sat on my ass for two watching a movie.



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