The Fall of the West

We are falling as a country. The good news is that we have grown so fat, we wil most likely bounce and be okay. It will just be a funnny clip on Tosh.0. Warning , the rest of this post contains spoilers……


Is it any wonder? Look at what we eat. Look at what is marketed to us. Look at where our dietary were shaped from. Now I don’t wonder why so many people are obese. Our leptin levels are so elevated from our crappy diets, we keep eating even though our body should be telling us we should stop. So we gain weight, which produces more leptin. Our insulin levels are all out of whack, as a result we beocme more overweight and diabetic. Surprised? I’m not.

Our own government is our own worst enemy. all those subsidies to corn and soy farmers, so they keep growing the very stuff that they are adding to all our food that is killing us. They were bought off by special interest groups to convince us to drink more milk, but only if it is processed to the point that they have to artificially add back in all the nutrients that they took out. And have the audacity to forbid us from buying raw milk in the name of safety.  The government is a co-conspirator involved in the poisoning of America with their b.s. food pyramid that was way too grain heavy. They lag on food labelling standards. Why else does everything but sugar have an RDA percentage? Why are companies required to so painstakingly list ingredients, except what is actually in those proprietary “natural” flavors?

Our food industry is no better. Packaging food they know is unhealthy, so they can take advantage of our need  to be healthier, so we spend our money on more unhealthy “health” products that are killing us too. Madness. THey actually market this crap directly to our children, and worse they play on your fear as a parent to sell you stuff. Kid is a picky eater? Don’t try and make him eat healthy, just give him this chemically processed nutrition shake that we whipped up in a lab and mass produced in a factory. So much healthier than carrots, right? You parents are busy people. Don’t worry about making a healthy snack for your daughter, just stick a squeeze tube of chemically flavored, sugary yogurt in her lunch. Hey, it’s got 6 grams of protein……   

But, we did this to ourselves. We ignored the warning signs. We trusted our government. We trusted the food companies. We allowed ourselves to become so busy that we in effect, handed the responsibility for our well-being over to everyone but ourselves.

Now we know. So we are good right? Wrong! The three worst things we can do are:

1. Not take ownership and make ourselves helpless victims to our health.

2. Trust those who got us into this mess to get us out of it.

3. Not learn how to help ourselves. The information is out there (we do have the interenet… know that place you find recipes).

Everywhere the western style diet goes, obesity, diabetes, and heart problems follow. Add in the associated mental issues too. This needs to be a constant battle. You have to wage war on many fronts: the grocery store, your spouse, your kids, with yourself, during the holidays…..The hardest art is separating the bad information from the good. But you know what? it’s pretty easy. If it’s natural, and unprocessed, its probably good. If it was available when all we wore was anmal skins, its probably good. If it has to be sprayed with stuff to keep it fresh or ripen it, its probably bad. 

If it comes in a box, a can or a tube, it was made in a lab, mass produced in a factory. Can that be good?

What will we do now? Where will we go? What choices will we make? Think on that. Read a label. Find the Farmer’s Market. Grow vegetables. It’s the only choice we have.


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