Is it time yet? Almost…that’s what I keep telling myself. I am mid-week 7 of 8. Almost there. As a reward, I am giving myself a deload week before I start the next “phase”. The gains in strength are continuing, but slower now and at greater cost. Recovery is getting harder too. The last two weeks of back squats have left me pretty sore. That means I am hitting the upper limit.

My progress made me slightly arrogant. I forgot that when you push hard, really hard, it hurts. Those first few weeks, as your body remembers what it was like, and how strong it really is, are done. Those easy gains……….the salad days.

Deload, I can’t wait.  A whole week for just recovery. Lots of mobility, some cardio, maybe sneak i some kettle bells. I might even learn to love the Concept 2 again. Sometimes you just gotta take some time off. It was actually hard to wrap my head around at first. I thought I was being week. But, older is supposed to mean wiser.

We shall see. I am not known for my patience. A whole week off from the weight buffet. What will my muscles eat? I will wither away to nothing…..nah. Maybe I will actually like it. If I do, I will try not to tell anyone. Consider it though, sometimes you do have to take a step back in order to keep moving forward.



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