Better the devil you know………

Sometimes you gotta trust your gut. Today was one of those days. i had been contemplating changing up my workout a little and extending it from 8 to 10 weeks. my rationale was that I was happy with my progress, and i wanted to keep it going. The real reason I think, is because I am a little nervous about what comes next. and in that vulnerable moment, I stumbled across someone’s youtube channel, and their advice was if it’s working then stick with it.

In the end I trusted myself. I am sticking to my plan. as much as I like what I am doing now, as much as some things in my next progression make me a little nervous, I am sticking with my plan. I know in my heart, that if I do I will continue to progress towards my goal. I was willing to gamble that on the unknown ( deviating from the plan), which means I didn’t trust myself. on the pseudo -advice of some internet post that said if it’s working , stick with it. but that’s not my plan. Don’t I trust myself and my plan yet? On the words of someone I don’ know who doesnt know me, and wasn’t even speaking to me, I was willing to change my plans. to deviate from my goal.

but,  I am learnign to trust myself…..

better the devil you know…….



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