Weekly rambling 2/28/16

The week in a nutshell? Work hit my life like a meteor this week, and left a giant smoking crater. However, I did manage to make it to the gym for all three planned workouts. I did not make the extra cardio sessions I was hoping to get. Maybe next week. Nutrition has to be your anchor on weeks like this. Otherwise……it’s kill, kill, kill, or cookies.

Last week, I talked about how having to attend a party screwed up my nutrition for  a day, and had after affects into the next day. I also looked at my mistakes and made a plan for this week. And this week I am happy to report, I was for the most part successful. And here is what I did:

  • No extra cardio session that day. Last week I snuck in an additional 45 minutes of cardio on top of weight training the day of the party, hoping to “get ahead”. Bad idea as it only made me hungrier all day.This week, weight training only. Hunger was not much of an issue.
  • Last week, I ate my first meal way to early. Yesterday, I ate later, and I ate more. As a result I was still satisfied from the quality food I had eaten, and only snacked a little.
  • I drank much more water this time, and no booze. I settled for beer while I was doing some pre-dinner snacking and it made me feel fuller.

Overall, I had a huge chunk of lasagna, still had cake and a little (pathetically small if you ask me) bit of ice cream. Snacked before dinner, crackers and cheese (god I love cheese), pita bread and hummus. I was reasonable in what I ate this time, and I think not being hungry when I got there helped. I still managed to make my 500 calorie deficit for the day. I don’t feel all bloated the day after either. So I consider it a win over all.

Next I need a plan for the St. Patrick’s day parade, but there may be no helping that one.

The last idea I have been kicking around is counting exercise calories. I think I meed to change my mindset when it comes to this and I am not sure where to go with it yet. I can count them in and still maintain my deficit. In fact that would allow me to eat ore on days I work out, or at least cardio days. I never count them for weight training days.

The down side is that I am trying to get past the “I earned it” justification that many sources try and tell us is acceptable. Hey , you killed it on the treadmill, why not eat the cookie? You worked hard all week. You deserve a treat. Psychologically, I am just reinforcing bad behavior and using my own hard work to justify it. It’s a zen problem is it not? I eat too many cookies, so I must suffer. But reward myself a cookie for my suffering?

First and foremost, you can very easily out-eat your ability to work off excess calories. In fact that Gatorade the gym sells you at a discount in many cases, just made 25% of your cardio time worthless. Do you really need the electrolytes that bad? Dog trainers will tell you, never train solely with food. Otherwise, when you stop giving treats the dog stops showing the correct behavior. So why then am I going to allow myself to credit my hard work towards reinforcing an unhealthy behavior? The whole concept in itself is unhealthy.

So I think the final answer here will have to be no. No more counting exercise calories. The only way I am going to adapt to healthy eating and living is by not justifying hard work with something unhealthy. At least until my body can easily handle it, and healthy eating becomes firmly engraved in my daily routine. The I will be better equipped to deal.

Until then, I keep on moving forward….


6 thoughts on “Weekly rambling 2/28/16

  1. Interesting thoughts.

    Yes I always look at exercise as supplemental. For me, I think it actually increases my appetite. So I really don’t do too much exercise I don’t enjoy – and then I try to keep it separate and apart from a lifestyle of healthy eating.

    I’ve never really thought about it in that light of “reinforcing” bad habits or a bad thought process, but that’s absolutely right.

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