Answer to my dillema



As promised, as much for myself as for anyone else who may be reading this, here is how I made out after the party yesterday. I can’t call it a victory, yet I can’t call it a failure either.

I was good until I got to my in-laws, but by then I was hungry and I knew I would be I trouble. I had two cocktails (turns out I do like a whiskey sour) prior to dinner, then switched to water, so I thought I did pretty good there.  I had already plugged in what the cake was going to cost me into MyFitnesspal. So I knew how much room I had for snacks and dinner.

It really was the snacks that did me dirty. Some party mix, there was several different kind of dips and accompanying bread bowls, some cheese and crackers, and this lovely pepper jelly over cream cheese and crackers. Not a lot of protein there eh? Nope. All processed carbs, fats and loads of sodium. And boy did I partake. This is the single biggest contributor to calories last night, and me feeling the way I did this morning.

At dinner I held myself to two slices of pizza and 4 wings. Not too bad there. It was mostly because of the damage I did with the salty snacks. I don’t usually sit around eating that stuff. Couple that with the booze and boom, bring on the bloat.

Now comes the cake. I am not a fan of yellow cake, with white butter cream frosting. It wasn’t bad. I made sure my slice was the appropriate size based on what I had already tracked. But I added a scoop of chocolate ice cream. I never have ice cream with cake. Every time I pass. For whatever reason I thought it sounded good, and it was.

When I got home, I filled in the gaps in MyFitnessPal. Turns out I almost broke exactly even. Actually, I was a hundred fifty calories over. Not bad considering right? Wrong. That is considering I added my calories burned from my extra cardio session, which I never do. So not only did I consume my normal caloric deficit, I ate all the cardio I did that day as well and still managed to go over. Sort of. And my macros for the day were an absolute mess. All fat and carbs, very little protein. Sodium was just about off the chat.

See, I still have an unaccounted hour of weight training in there somewhere. But I never cut that. In fact I am no longer going to add any workout calories onto my total. I think all that does is screw my mind into thinking I need to do this workout so I can have those fries and that is not where I mentally want to be.

So it really wasn’t a loss, it was an accidental tie with a bias towards a partial victory. The good news is I managed to get back on my normal fasting routine last night and follow it through into to say. Couple that with a lot of water to help flush my system, ad I feel almost normal again. I did notice this morning that I cold feel how bloated my midsection was when I sat up to roll out of bed. Does that mean I have gotten used to not being bloated from bad food? Probably.

What could I have done differently? First, I could have changed my eating schedule so that I had an actual meal closer to when I got to my In-laws. This would have prevented the binge snacking, or at least tempered it. Second, I need to find a drink that I like, that is a little lower in sugar. I looked up the nutritional information for my mixed drinks and “holy crap”. I need to do that part better. Third, track as I go. If I had done that, I might have had some warning that I was approaching the red line and pumped the breaks a little. Or at least moved farther away from the bowl of party mix.

So live and learn. I have a week to figure it out, because even though we just celebrated my brother-in-laws birthday, my father-in-law’s birthday is next weekend. I refuse to fight the same battle with the same tactics next week. So expect I expect different results.





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