I have had a pretty good week from a fitness, and from a progress standpoint. I completed my scheduled strength training sessions and even managed to sneak in an additional cardio session.  I managed to stay pretty balanced on my macros, and met my calorie deficit every day except one. My waist measurement has dropped a bit(yes!)), and I will most likley make my estimated weight loss for the week.

I can’t really ask for a much better week than that. Well, I could, but why tempt the gods with my impatience and greediness?

At the end of this week, lies the obstacle. Tonight,  I have a birthday celebration to attend.  There will be pizza and wings, drinks (they have a full blown bar in their basement), apppetizers (call that salty, sugary, carb-bombs that are ohh so tempting, and cake, glorious cake). The cake is actually in my fridge right now. That nice deep golden fluffy yellow cake, covered with a thick layer of sugary frosting goodness.

The dilemma….do I just not worry about it and trust to my hard work to carry me through? Do I attempt to mitigate the damage by trying to make at least a few good choices? Or do I be that food-snobby guy, munching celery and drinking ice water while my wife and in-laws kick back and enjoy myselves?

Here is where I am at right now. I did my normal fast from the previous evening until noon today, and worked out while fasted. Lunch was clean, tuna, diced red bell peppers, shredded lettuce with light mayo. I did weight training (back, triceps, abs) and threw in a cardio session for good measure at the gym today.

Now, I know what I WANT my ideal solution to this dilemma to be. The third option is out. no one likes a buzz-kill, and I am a firm believer in moderation not denial. Denial leads to failure every time.

So what would you do given the same circumtances? Throw caution to the wind? try and be at least reasonably good? Or stay focused and on point no matter what?

I will do battle with the demon of temptation temptation tonight, and I will post how I made out tomorrow.


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