Weighting behind a Powerlifter

The title was meant to be a pun, so before you correct me consider that.

Yesterday afternoon, I was quietly working out on my own, minding my own business. I was doing benchpress and then incline benchpress sets,  and in my gym they are located next to the squat racks.

On the bench next to me was,a gym bag and miscellaneous lifting accessories belonging to the guy at the adjacent squat rack. I have seen this guy in here before, I believe him to be at least an amateur level power lifter. And lo and behold there he was with almost 600 on the bar,  getting ready to squat.

At first I was a litte aggravated. This guy is taking up not just a rack, but also a bench,  and he has sucked up most of the 45’s in the immediate vicinity.  Not to mention, after his set of 1, he would rest for at least 5 to 10 minutes between lifts. Wtf dude? My gym only has so much rack space and you have been there for at least an hour.

Then, in a rare moment if tolerance,  I stopped to consider how what he was doing was so dramatically different from what I was doing.  If I was going to single rep back squat a Smart Car, I might need some rest time in between efforts too. I recognize how difficult it is to do what he was doing. And that in the end gave me pause….

I guess the message here is I need to try and be a little more considerate. Everyone here doesn’t have the same goal. They are not on my timetable. And their program may require some things not conducive to what I intend to do.

I don’t have to like it. Certainly, there are powerlifting-centered gyms the dude could be at. And certainly, maybe my gym could set aside an area for this type of activity. But he is here, now. In the same area as me.

I need to learn to live with it. It won’t be easy but I can try. That courtesy stops at the locker room entrance though….

Never thought I would ever see a grown man in his tighty-whities standing barefoot at the urinal, brushing his teeth while taking a leak….that I will always judge. Some things cannot be unseen.

Just sayin….

But powerlifting dude, you get a pass in my mind. Keep on pushing that weight. I will patiently wait my turn.


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