Weekly Ramblings 2/14/16

So here I am back again for a second time. It’s been a week full of indecisiveness as to whether or not I wanted to make a go of this. And in the end, well….you know how it ended.

I need the outlet, the release, the audience, call it what you will. But doing this makes me more focused. Not just on making progress towards my goal of losing weight and being fit,  but towards the goal of gaining a better level of knowledge that will help keep me that way.

Anyone can follow a program, or a diet, or get a trainer and lose weight and get fit. It doesn’t take a lot of knowledge, just the roper motivation. However, the second that program is over, or that trainer is gone what do you do? You were told what to do, but never why. So every time you get to a “why” you stand the chance of making a wrong choice. Not because you aren’t motivated, but because you lack the basic knowledge to make the correct choice.

I have found that the more information is available, the more wrong information you will find. Just because Dr. Oz is pimping Acai berry juice doesn’t mean you need it. In fact there is a multi-billion dollar industry out there whose sole purpose is to take your money by playing on your insecurities and lack of knowledge. Should you be taking Branched chain aminos? Do you really need that Pre-workout? What about the mandatory protein shake 60 minutes after working out. There are studies you know!

So above all else I will adhere to the truth that there is no right answer. There is only some fundamentally true facts, and in what combination are those facts going to work for ME?

I have just finished the 4th week of an 8 week hypertrophy program that I put together. I figured that no matter what I do next, gaining some lean muscle mass and strength can’t be a bad place to start. And I must say I am happy with the results. Anytime you get on a lifting /strength/conditioning program, it’s important to be anal-retentive about tracking. How else will you know if you are succeeding or not? How will you know what works and what doesn’t?

Four weeks in and here are the highlights:

(keep in mind I haven’t seriously lifted in years)

I have added almost 20 pounds onto my dumbbell shoulder press.

My Back Squat is almost back to my Crossfit-best of a 405 1Rep max.

And I am almost to the point of hitting 225 for 5 reps on my bench (which has historically been my absolute weakest lift).

I can’t argue with the results. My weight has gone down a little, I think the positive combination of lean muscle gain is tempering the actual body fat being lost. I can see a little better definition here and there, but I really need to get a caliper and really test myself. And I have lost about an inch off my waist. Still a few inches to go. Okay more than a few…..

Either way I am happy to be back on a program that seems to make sense and I feel like I have direction again.

It’s been a hell of a week.



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