wear a goddammit towel

This is more of a rage – post then anything else. I am no rich froning with my shirt off. That being said…..to all the guys in the locker room….wear a fuckin towel when you exit the shower. I don’t care what shape you are in.
Is it simething that happens to guys that the older they get the less they give a shit?
For the love of god, cover yourself. That’s rule number 1.
Rule #2 is don’t talk to me while you are naked. I don’t care if I am standing on your foot. It’s the same as talking to a stranger at the urinal next to you, you just don’t do it.
Just…please…help me out with this one. I don’t want you to  be ashamed of your body. But on the same token, I don’t need to see your balls, and places of you that even you can’t see when you parade around like an aged cherub.
Please….I am begging here.


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