Survival after all

So I survived the weekend. I fended off the temptations of stadium food at Fleetwood Mac Saturday and held myself to one beer. On a side note, I haven’t drank Blue Light in a long time. Did it always have a slight herring aftertaste?

Yes, I said herring…..

I was a total mess before that. I ate bad that morning and afternoon. Dinner wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t great…..Sunday I was back on the wagon.

Overall, 1.4 pounds for the week. If I hadn’t broke Saturday, who knows I might have been closer to 2.0 pounds. But I will take my 1.4, its solid weight loss. That puts me at an even 7 so far.

My goal for the remainder of the week is no bad days, to stay on point all week. I might miss a workout or two due to work, so I want to make sure my nutrition is solid. I can at least control that.

My two-mile time is down to 27: 35. I had a mishap with the treadmill, forgot to increase the default time, so there I was trucking along and all of a sudden I am slowing down and into “cool down”. I was so pissed, but I knew right away what had happened. So I waited for the treadmill to finish all the workout summary B.s. before I could start it up again and finish. I only had about half a mile to go. About halfway through that, my hand caught the earbud cord and launched my phone off the treadmill and the earbud went under the belt. I was able to emergency stop and get everything out and get restarted and eventually finish. I might have actually been a little faster without all the divine interference….who knows. I was able to start stronger and run the first half mile non-stop before I had to switch to walk/jog.

My stride really needs some work. I may need a class or something. I am not comfortable running. My lower back tightens up, I am all over the treadmill, and I feel my stride is just too short. I am a mess.

Maybe a slower run this week just working on my stride. There are a few runners at work I might consult.


Lastly, screw you Patriots!You didn’t win so much as the Seahawks lost. So don’t beat your chest too much. You did win, but it wasn’t some stunning let’s canonize Tom Brady slaughter like all the sports geeks are trying to make it seem like.


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