Time to suck it up.

I have posted before that I was going to further “tweak” my nutrition. I started with just a simple calorie count based on my basal metabolic rate (BMR) and subtracted what I needed to create my 1-1.5 pounds a week of weight loss. Now anyone who has tried simply counting calories knows that alone is not enough. You can come in o under your goal daily, but if its all processed crap, what’s the point? You have to get the right type, whole food, unprocessed, raw when you can, organic when you can, hormone-free, free range, grass fed, etc, etc, etc. Or at least you shop the perimeter of the supermarket and you try as much as you can to make good choices.

And it worked. I have the first ten pounds off, and I feel pretty good about my accomplishment. I am used to eating pretty clean now. I think if I could just handle the detox, I could completely kick refined sugar, but I think that is another battle for later.

Now we are moving into a little more technical stage. I want to maximize my results a little more. I feel I started to plateau slightly towards the end. While I want this to be a constructive and permanent change, how many of us can really look at a big number, divide it by a conservative estimate to get the number of weeks it will take, and still decide at week eight that they can keep it up for another year at the current pace? Not many. Not me.

So I am going to break it down a bit more. I have been doing my homework. This isn’t just some scheme I am trying because of some banner ad I clicked on that promised me this 1 “weird” trick is going to make me skinny. Nope. I have done my research, read quite a bit. It’s all out there if you just take the time to understand it. I was familiar with some of the more basic concepts behind weigh loss/ fat reduction, and I even understand a bit about how the human body works. There are a lot of myths once you really start doing the research. But enough of that for now.

On the advice of a few, I started with my BMR, where I left off. Next I realized a few things, I am basing all my nutritional needs on my current weight. Not my lean body mass. That presents some what of a problem when it comes to counting macros, which is what I am about to start.

Not that whole “if it fits….”deal. I intend to eat a little cleaner than that allows. I will also be staying about 95% paleo, as I physically feel best that way.  So I based my daily macro count on my lean body mass. This meant I had to determine my body fat percentage. That is not for the faint of heart I tell you. Only because the numbers may surprise you. I won’t tell you where it says I am exactly, but it’s well north of 20%. That’s right…my body is apparently over one fifth wobbling fat. To me that is just not acceptable.

I also learned a little about the need to select the appropriate macro mix for your body type. Instead of just relying on some gym “bro” who says” yeah man, just do 40/40/20, that’s what I use and look at this shred… (flexing)”. We are all different, so thanks bro, but I chose what was recommended for my body type by quite a few different fitness trainers. Which coincidentally is a 40/40 /20 split. Ironic.

So armed with all these shiny new bits of information, I planned out my first week. It is not easy. Trying to get the right balance and be at least close to where you need to be requires a bit of homework. I couldn’t imagine trying to do this pre-internet. I downloaded an app that will help me as well.

So I have determined my BMR, and my lean body mass and based my daily macro nutrient consumption on that with an eye towards 1.5 pounds a week of weight loss. I bumped up my fat level to 40% and lowered my carbs down to 20% because that is supposed to be best for my body type. Since I eat paleo it just sort of clicks anyway. Protein stays at 40%. By using my lean body mass instead of my actual weight, I can actually consume far less calories and my actually see fat loss a bit faster than 1.5 pounds. I think that was a mistake I have been making for a long time which has caused me to consume way too much protein.

So what can you learn from this? Hopefully something. If I fail you will learn that either I am mentally weak and I broke, or all of this is junk science. I hope neither is true. I will most likely be tweaking the percentages after a few weeks if I feel I need to.

So here we go. The next ten pounds is off and running. If you have tried this and it didn’t work for you, feel free to throw the flag now, so I can learn from your mistakes. If it has worked for you, let me know. Success stories are always great encouragement.




wear a goddammit towel

This is more of a rage – post then anything else. I am no rich froning with my shirt off. That being said…..to all the guys in the locker room….wear a fuckin towel when you exit the shower. I don’t care what shape you are in.
Is it simething that happens to guys that the older they get the less they give a shit?
For the love of god, cover yourself. That’s rule number 1.
Rule #2 is don’t talk to me while you are naked. I don’t care if I am standing on your foot. It’s the same as talking to a stranger at the urinal next to you, you just don’t do it.
Just…please…help me out with this one. I don’t want you to  be ashamed of your body. But on the same token, I don’t need to see your balls, and places of you that even you can’t see when you parade around like an aged cherub.
Please….I am begging here.

I have been remisss

I admit, I have been slacking. I forgot to do my Monday update post.

Another week as gone by and another two pounds lighter. I was surprised even though I stayed on track the entire week. It’s getting easier now on all fronts. Hopefully this means things are becoming “habits”. It is getting a lot easier to eat clean. I just find myself falling into a rut of eating the same things, especially during the week. I need to work in some variety, lest I get bored and stray.

From a mental standpoint, I no longer freak out at the amount of food I can consume in a day. That is a huge mental victory for me. At times I find myself trying to find ways to add calories back in because I am too far below my daily goal. This is a good thing. For me I have always had that mental hurdle of starting to panic a little because my daily caloric goal seems like it will leave me hungry. I see that number, maybe I am in between meals at the time and a little hungry and I would get despaired. Thankfully, I have broken that pattern ad that is not the case anymore. This is especially critical because as my weight goes down, so does my daily caloric intake goal. I have come to realize that they are small steps down and that I can do it.

Nutrition-wise, eating clean and staying in my caloric goal is n’t going to be enough. I need to balance out the rations a bit more. I look back at what I have been eating and see that I haven’t been consuming near enough healthy fat and carbs, and too much protein. I need to re-balance things a little.

I am torn with competing in the 7th Annual Strongman at the 2015 Imagine RIT festival. I really want to do the Mendon Mauler 4 mile trail run in June. With Strongman in May, the train up for that will be a little contrary to training for a 4 mile run. I am just now getting comfortable trying to run two miles. Plus, I am lacking in  some of the equipment necessary to train for the competition, such as Atlas stones, kegs and the zercher rack for the medley. I enjoy the strongman style training more, I just need to be careful not to pack the size back on if I do it. I know where I was weak last time (stones) so I need to find a way to train for the event without the actual equipment.

The Mendon Mauler on the other hand is more in keeping with my goals of a leaner, faster me. Although I was never exactly a cheetah…..oh well. I am stil doing strength training, and endurance so I have some time if I decide to do both. I am not looking for the land speed record i the run, just a finish and I am comfortable  if that includes a little walking. I think my time goal of under 56 minutes is reasonable give where I am right now.

I will have to put some more thought into it. Maybe it’s time to let go of Strongman. I have already crossed that off the bucket list. I was just hoping to do better this time than last.

Survival after all

So I survived the weekend. I fended off the temptations of stadium food at Fleetwood Mac Saturday and held myself to one beer. On a side note, I haven’t drank Blue Light in a long time. Did it always have a slight herring aftertaste?

Yes, I said herring…..

I was a total mess before that. I ate bad that morning and afternoon. Dinner wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t great…..Sunday I was back on the wagon.

Overall, 1.4 pounds for the week. If I hadn’t broke Saturday, who knows I might have been closer to 2.0 pounds. But I will take my 1.4, its solid weight loss. That puts me at an even 7 so far.

My goal for the remainder of the week is no bad days, to stay on point all week. I might miss a workout or two due to work, so I want to make sure my nutrition is solid. I can at least control that.

My two-mile time is down to 27: 35. I had a mishap with the treadmill, forgot to increase the default time, so there I was trucking along and all of a sudden I am slowing down and into “cool down”. I was so pissed, but I knew right away what had happened. So I waited for the treadmill to finish all the workout summary B.s. before I could start it up again and finish. I only had about half a mile to go. About halfway through that, my hand caught the earbud cord and launched my phone off the treadmill and the earbud went under the belt. I was able to emergency stop and get everything out and get restarted and eventually finish. I might have actually been a little faster without all the divine interference….who knows. I was able to start stronger and run the first half mile non-stop before I had to switch to walk/jog.

My stride really needs some work. I may need a class or something. I am not comfortable running. My lower back tightens up, I am all over the treadmill, and I feel my stride is just too short. I am a mess.

Maybe a slower run this week just working on my stride. There are a few runners at work I might consult.


Lastly, screw you Patriots!You didn’t win so much as the Seahawks lost. So don’t beat your chest too much. You did win, but it wasn’t some stunning let’s canonize Tom Brady slaughter like all the sports geeks are trying to make it seem like.