Too far too fast.

Ever wonder if you pushed a little too hard, too fast when it comes to loosing weight?
I was sick all weekend, and missed a few gym days. I got myself back on track as fast as possible. I almost made my goal for last week. I was down 1.2 instead of 1.5 pounds. Not too shabby all things considered.
However, since my official monday weigh in, this morning I find myself down 3 pounds.
It’s not that I think I hit the holy grail of weight loss techniques. I think my hard work and consistency are starting to pay off. But I have this nagging voice in my head telling me I am pushing too far too fast. And if I don’t scale it back a bit,  if I lapse the weight will just pile back on right quick. 
I don’t plan on changing anything just yet. I will ride this out to the end of the week. It may be just some sort of fluke. If weight loss still continues at that rapid of a pace, then I will try and slow things down.
Interesting dilemma.


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