Sick days

It started Thursday at work. I was wasting time yapping with my friend Derek in his little office when he told me that he had gone to the doctor that morning and he had bronchitis. Thanks Derek for coming to work ….that would have been useful information in the days prior when you were coughing and hacking.

So Thursday I started to feel it a little. By afternoon, I knew I was sick. I took a sick day Friday after not getting a lot of sleep the night before, and my chest feeling like it was full of hot rocks. By afternoon I had about every cold symptom there is.

Today, my chest has cleared up somewhat. But now everything has moved upstairs. My nose is running, one sinus cavity is completely clogged. I feel like hammered shit. Of course the only tissues I had in the house were cheap ones, so my nose has been paying the price. I have since upgraded to something with lotion.

Nutrition -wise this has been sort of a abject failure the past few days. The only thing saving me right now , is the fact that I am not that hungry, thus not eating that much. Luckily I was already down some weight for the week prior to getting sick. So I may just break even this week. It’s hard to eat clean when you don’t feel like making anything healthy.

I may just try and keep some organic canned chicken soup , or something of that nature in the cupboard or freezer as a back-up plan. Being sick should not be used as an excuse to eat bad. Besides, I am sure all the processed crap is adding to my feeling like shit. Especially as clean as I was eating.

I am keeping up on my water consumption, supplements, and have added in some extra zinc twice daily, and vitamin C with echinacea twice daily. Also, a big shout out to Traditional Medicinals. Their Gypsy Cold Care and Herba Tussin bo0th did an excellent job combating the worst of the symptoms. And they taste good with a shot of honey in them.

Another thing that is really getting me down is not going to the gym. I miss it, and I am probably well enough to go. But why do that to everyone else there? So I will keep doing as much stuff as right as I can and look to return Monday afternoon.

I still plan on posting a Monday update anyway.


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