Holy crap

I haven’t ran in a while. I mean besides the 200/400 meter intervals in crossfit abd the occassional 800 or odd mile.
So about a week ago I tried a walk/jog interval on the treadmill. I didn’t have a goal when in started but eventually I wanted to see if in could do two miles in under thirty. I came up just short. 1.97 miles. I was really pissed.
That was a few pounds and a bunch if workouts ago.
So today I decided to try a repeat. call it a benchmark. I definitely ran as much as I walked this time. 28:45. It felt a lot better. Not that I had a long and glorious running career, a few half assed 5ks…..but I didn’t realize my running has suffered this much.
So my spring goal is surely a 5k now. I would like to get back up there again to where I can manage one in under 45 minutes.
Now I just need to work on adding in distance. Then reduce the interval….or do I have that backwards? This will require some research.


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