Hidden calories and having a plan

So it’s been a week since I posted. Since my last official Monday weigh-in I have lost 2.2 pounds and taken 3/4 of an inch off my waist. Not bad at all. I suspect that I am actually a bit lighter, but I am still a bit bloated from the cheat meal on Friday and my body hasn’t quite recovered but I think that by tomorrow morning things should be normal. That’s the curse of a slow moving digestive system and an borderline gluten intolerance. I made thin crust boboli pizzas Friday night and ate some of the leftovers on Saturday. What I should have done, was chucked any leftovers and not gone beyond that one meal.

I have learned a few more things this week that I thought worth mentioning. First, beware the hidden calories in the form of liquids. Not just the caloric total, but the actual basis for the calories themselves. This is how crap sneaks into your healthy eating. First, is the coffee creamer. I love coffee. I love it even more with a slug of flavored creamer in it. However, it’s all sugar derived from high fructose corn syrup and some bastardized dairy. Not to mention a host of other “items”. None of which are natural. Also, I got used to having a beer while cooking dinner. I am somewhat of an aficionado of craft beer. That needs to be less. Maybe substitute a glass of red wine. This is not necessarily a calorie issue as it is a gluten issue. Beer leads to bloat.

The next thing I have come to appreciate is having a plan. I plan my meals out for the week to line up with my nutritional needs. I prep and cook everything on Sunday and pack it up in the fridge. This way all I have to do is grab the containers i need each day. Simple, fast, and effective. It keeps me on point with my nutrition. It also helps to make grocery shopping easier and I can find ways to cut costs.

Along those lines, I ma trying to work out a weekly workout plan. I desperately need to set some gym goals. Right now I do challenging workouts but with no real point other than working my muscles, working up a good sweat and burning off fat. Yes, that is good in one regard, I can’t really plateau because my training constantly varies.

I am working a crossfit-hybrid structure into my workouts. I am shying away from mostly isolation-style exercises and the whole traditional back/biceps-chest/triceps model that I used to follow. This is more programming in lots of compound movements with barbells , kettle bells and dumbbells, Olympic lifts, and other things such as sled push/pull, tire flips, etc.

I think a good goal in-line with mine would be a 5k, but in order to save on the knee pain and shin splints, maybe a 5k trail run. I know there are some in the spring. So I have plenty of time to prepare. I wi8ll look into that and decide before the next Monday update.


Not a bad week overall. I fully intend to make the next week just as good.


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