Monday…facing myself.

I decided at the beginning of this, that every Monday would be sort of a personal accountability day for me. Really, every day is. But Monday would be a symbolic accounting where I would own my results from the previous week, and use the results to help plan the upcoming week.


So every Monday I do the following:

1. I officially weigh myself on Monday’s.

2. I log my total weight loss that from the beginning until that morning.

3. I measure my waist.


Now there are a few things that people say you shouldn’t do here, and I will explain some of them. First, I don’t subscribe to the whole counting calories thing from an absolute standpoint. Yes, I do watch the daily caloric intake. But I make sure those are quality calories. Veggies, lean protein, healthy fats, and in the somewhat correct proportions. Except an occasional cheat, that means no flour, rice, pasta, white potatoes….basically paleo. My body seems to react favorably to that from an energy standpoint.

So my weight at my “official” Monday weigh-in is what I base my total caloric intake for the week. I usually take my maintenance number and subtract a daily goal. I try not to go too low or I notice I am really hungry and not happy.

My calories throughout the day are spread into 4 meals and a snack. Some days I may add an additional burst in the form of a post-workout shake or protein smoothie.

I have added in waist measurements every Monday. This way, it’s about a combination of that number on the scale and my waist (gut……). I am not sure where my ideal weight is. My goal right now is 50 pounds, but I would stop sooner based on how I look and feel if need be.

I actually weigh in every morning, but I only recalculate calories every week. This way there is no  micro-trending hassles and it makes keeping a journal a little easier. By weighing and counting and logging everything I put in my mouth, I am learning a lot about my body and how it reacts to food. I would encourage everyone that hasn’t done it to try it once. I can tell not when I am bloated and can approximate why. It also reinforces that I am 100% accountable for everything I put in my mouth and the results are easily quantifiable if you know how to look.

Maybe we are all out of touch with our bodies? That would explain a lot.


So on 12/22/14 here is where I started:

283 pounds (the fattest or heaviest I have ever been)

Waist: 49.50 inches

Here is where I am now:

Weight: 280.4

Waist: 49.25

For some reason I am a bit bloated. My weight goers up and down a little throughout the week, so tomorrow I expect to be a bit lower. On the chart, the line still trends down. So that’s good news. I will post next weeks results on Monday.


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