Black Panthers…… different than the KKK.

Why even try  and deny it? How come this is the second time they have posted, publicly, a bounty on a white man “dead or alive?”. And what kind of narrow minded, bigoted, racist, ignorant mental gymnastics do you have to perform to justify it?

If someone kills him and tries to collect how are they not complicit in a conspiracy to kill someone? Are we supposed to allow this because we are white, so we should just turn our backs to the double standard? Is the guilt we are supposed to feel for something that our relatives may or may not have done, to someone who may or may not even have been in the country at the time? Fat chance.

To the Black Panthers, I say you are a racist bunch of militant bigots. You have absolutely no interest in equality or fairness. You want special treatment, and a free pass to be thugs. Why don’t you address the black elephant in the room? Why don’t you focus your energies on stopping black on black violence in your communities? Addressing poverty? Low graduation rates? Teen pregnancy? Gangs? Drugs? Noooooooo. Can’t do that can you??

Easier to sit around and blame the white man for your problems isn’t it? Lazy bastards. Maybe you should take that ten grand and buy a clue. If you want equality, you have to earn it. Equality means attempting to belong to a society i order to reap the benefits. We give you a head start in America by saying you get that as a birth right. You are the one’s who fucked it up from there. But rather than act like a man and admit your mistakes, you stamp your feet and threaten violence.

Like a vast majority of white people have absolutely no issues with blacks. Of course we can’t admit that can we? Then you wouldn’t be important. The black community wouldn’t “need ” you to protect them….oh the horror.

How about I start a group of angry white men, you offer a bounty on the life of every black man who kills a white man? Oh, wait we already have one of those….so what’s the difference between the black panthers and the KKK?

It’s like a racist chess-set. Maybe I should invent that. The white side could have grand wizards for bishops, Paula Dean could be the queen, David Duke the king and little seedy looking clansman as pawns.

On the other side, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson as bishops, Spike Lee would be a rook, And Malik Zulu Shabazz could be the king. For pawns? Some of our local gang bangers, just to give it some local flavor. It sounds like I am making a joke and I am. At the expense of those race-baiting ass-clowns the Black Panthers. I call you hypocrites and cowards

Im am done. The more I go on the angrier it makes me.


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