The End of an Era

Tonight, Boot Camp came to a sweaty conclusion. After the kettlebell swings, stick jumps, sit-ups, jumping jacks, dips and dumbbell thrusters I am finished. I am satisfied with my progress. I feel I have gotten a little stronger, but my biggest gains I feel are in my metabolic conditioning.

My barbell fundamentals and gymnastics fundamentals are complete as well. Like my previous Crossfit experience, I have the same weaknesses: pull-ups, toes to bar, ring dips and double unders. I also have some problem with the front rack position, which will affect my thrusters, front squats, etc. But that is a flexibility problem and I am working on some stretching exercises that should cure that. I know what I need to work on and I am going to attack the pull-up issue first. Short term goals, long term progress.

I will be starting Crossfit (again) on Sunday morning. The box has started with one Sunday morning class…….so for now this will be my church. A little nervous but very excited to get back into it. Back to being sore every day…….but I am going to pace myself and ease in until I get my technique and efficiency down. Then let the weight come naturally. 



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