Stage two and pre-workout jitters

So I finished my second barbell fundamentals class. There is a sense of pride in knowing you learned from someone who placed fairly well in the Northeast Regionals this year, Jennifer McNabney. The coaching for the second class was every bit as good as the first session with Jeff Rice. Both competent, professional, and encouraging. Again we were promised that we would not be allowed to go beyond our abilities once we enter the Crossfit pool with the rest of the sharks. Which is a good thing. Because I remember from my last box, right after on-ramp we tried to do too much too soon. Say hello to injury and discouragement.

I did remember a lot of the lifting movements, but I still kept an open mind enough to left myself be coached through them. I learned a thing or two about my form that’s for sure.I will also admit smiling inside when we did a 45 pound clean and jerk, knowing that I am capable of much more. My Grace time may be nine-something, but I did it at 135. I am going to hold myself back in weight for a while and just focus on technique. Whenever I would do oly lifts in a WOD, I had the feeling I was wasting way too much energy due to faulty technique. If I can become more efficient, I know I am strong enough to move a lot of weight in a short amount of time. It only requires patience….the way of the warrior.Open your mind and focus on the technique first, the rest will follow.

I did notice a reoccurring theme at boot camp. I get pre-workout jitters. I have no idea why. Its just mild apprehension, but it is interesting. I wonder if everyone gets it? That feeling of doubt that you won’t do good enough, that some exercises will be harder than you anticipated, maybe there is something programmed in that you really don’t want to do. But you end up killing it anyway. And next time, I show up all motivated ready to conquer the world, and there is that feeling again.

You have to force yourself push through the self-doubt, the apprehension, and not let it become an excuse to perform poorly. I will be damned if I will let myself get in m own way.

There is only forward…..


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