Crushing It

The last few Boot camp classes, I have really hit it hard. Maybe compared to some I wasn’t the fastest or strongest. Maybe I was, but I was too busy to notice. For some reason I have just been able to get into the zone. My conditioning is getting stronger and all of my numbers are eeking upwards. I make sure to meticulously track how many of each exercise I do through each round, and compare them to the weeks before.

I am proud to say, I am crushing it. Working consistently, pushing hard through each round. My focus and discipline is getting sharper. Results. Small each week, but when you stack them up, over time it can show significant progress.

I also started the CrossFit fundamentals classes on top of that. I did my first barbell class (one of two) the other day. I did a similar program at my last box. But this coach was a lot better. You can tell he has been teaching/coaching this for a while. I learned a lot. I also learned that even after we complete fundamentals, they closely monitor your progress in the first few months, just to make sure you are getting it right with the lifts and not jumping ahead to too much weight too fast. I really respect that. Last place it was “on ramp is done, welcome to the WOD.135 Power cleans…I’ll be over here on my iPhone if you need anything”.

I think I have found good coaches.In any sport, when you are new good coaches mean the difference between getting someone to excel and love what they do, or just get by until they get frustrated or hurt.

I am sore, but happy. Happy with my progress. Happy with my decision. Even my eating paleo has been staying on track fairly well. I have started doing a twice weekly weigh in. Just to see whats going on. Its amazing how much your body can burn off after a workout and at night while you are sleeping. I know a good portion of it is water weight and you will hydrate it back in the morning, but it is still fascinating.

More progress updates to come.


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