The actual discussion of racism….

First the background

This George Zimmerman trial has brought a lot of feelings to the surface for a lot of people. I only had a passing interest in this case initially. As a gun owner and supporter of the second amendment, I was interested form the stand your ground aspect. How would it play out in its first real public test? I read some of the evidence, tried really, really hard to not listen to Nancy Grace and all of the other talking heads as they weighed in on the subject without really bothering to read the evidence.

Now it has somehow become a “race thing” and I am pretty certain I know how we got here. And I am pretty sure you are too. Let’s forget about guilt or innocence for a second and just have that “honest conversation” about racism that the media keeps talking about.

Even though most of us have any idea how to start it, what it should be about, and what the end result should be.

First, let’s all put slavery behind us. I think we have for the most part, but I know there are a few that just can’t get past it. Even though those few probably cannot even relate their ancestry directly to an actual slave. And for any of us white folks, we are immigrants or descended from immigrants ourselves, most of us early in the twentieth century so we were not part of the institution of slavery. Or do those aforementioned people want to lump us in with the descendants of the plantation owners simply because we are white. That would be racist.

I am not in any way suggesting that racism does not exist. There are a few narrow minded individuals out there, and maybe a few pockets of the old guard left who still value it. But you have to logically admit that it is gone and will never be back to America. I am sure if you polled 99.9999%of the white population they would agree that it was wrong. No matter what you will never get 100% of anything, so let’s call it good enough on that topic.

On to discrimination. Obviously you will get varying definitions of this depending on who you ask. And most likely you will find bigger numbers here. The civil rights movement did a lot to end racism and discrimination in America from the standpoint of getting us to believe that black people were equal to white, in fact that all colors are equal in the end. Except for the same percentage of people who believe racism is o.k. who else would really disagree? More than you might think.

I said it, but it’s not for reasons you would think. It’s a matter of perception, honesty and human nature. I will leave you to figure out why. Your homework assignment is to figure out why those three things play a part.

On to the good stuff

I will just say it to get the ball rolling, if you call me a “cracker” and say it with a derogatory tone it’s the same as me a calling black person “nigger”. It is exactly the same because they have the same intention behind the word. And it is the intention and context, not the word itself that is discriminatory.  (it has to be otherwise how can black people say it?). We can’t sit here and let the Sharpton’s of the world tell us it’s o.k. to discriminate, or be a racist bigot as long as it’s a black person doing it. Then try to justify it because of something that happened in the past.  That doesn’t pass the straight face test.  If you were a woman who was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of a man, then decide to declare yourself a lesbian and marry a woman, does that give you the right to beat the snot out of your new partner? Why not? Al Sharpton and company say racism and discrimination are o.k. as long as it’s a black person on the giving end. Well, they have never technically come out and actually said it (maybe they have, I just haven’t heard it). But through their inaction they have said it loudly. “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it”…Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. You don’t get to pick when to apply your concept. It’s her wrong when everyone does it, or it’s o.k. for everyone.

Thoroughly riled up yet? No? Good I will continue. Every time something happens between the black and white community, Sharpton, Jackson, and somehow that new jackass from Global Grind have to get involved and attempt to get the entire black community up in arms at the injustice of it. What if the next time a black person killed a white person, white people did that? Holy shit that would be racism! Outrage would abound. It would be compared to lynching and all the bad crap from back in the pre-civil rights days. Do Sharpton and company really believe in a world where there is no discrimination? Or just no discrimination against black people? I would say the latter. Let’s say racism and discrimination magically disappeared overnight, what would they do then? They have a vested interest in keeping the fight going. It makes them relevant and important and keeps people dependent upon them.

I believe in taking humans as they come. One at a time. I may, as we all do make generalizations. But generally, you have to prove to me you’re an ignorant ass. I will not grant you the title automatically based on the color of your skin. You can’t people are too surprising to do that. I am just sick of this victim mentality being literally force fed into the black community by those who use it as an excuse for everything. He or she must be racist. He didn’t get the job because he was black……you assume she’s black because of the way she talks….It’s such a convenient excuse for not trying, or failing.

Equality means that we have the same potential. It doesn’t mean we start in the same place. It doesn’t mean we will have all of the same opportunities. It means we have to make our own opportunities. Equality means that we have the potential to all succeed. It doesn’t mean you will be given what others have. It means you have the same chance to succeed as others do. Equality doesn’t excuse you from working hard, from getting an education, from making the right choices. Equality doesn’t automatically grant you respect. That must be earned in any case.

If the black community wants to end racism they can. White people can’t do it on their own. It’s a two way street. Cracker, honky, peckerwood, white boy…those words and any I may have missed need to die a death right alongside nigger, spade, and spook. It can’t be okay for blacks to say shit if whites can’t. That’s not equality. If you don’t want equality, then keep saying it. It’s not okay for a black person to say nigger. It’s a derogatory word no matter who says it. How is white America supposed to take it seriously when hip-hop culture glorifies the use of the word? If a black comedian gets on stage and uses it to get some applause? The only way the word  will dies is from lack of use.

I would love to see complete equality. That means we not only treat each other as equals, it means that we act equally. That we are equally accountable for our actions. We are equally accountable for our potential. First, we need to have a national dialogue about what equality is, because I don’t think we can all agree on that at the moment. And we all need to stop making excuses for our conduct, and the conduct of others.

I leave you with this final though….

An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity”.

                                                                                Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


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