Stupidest Idea of all Time?

Stupidest Ides of all Time?

I took a class last semester called “Wilderness and the American Mind”. It was about our attitude towards nature and how it has changed since the days of the original settlers. I ran across a reference to something called Operation Chariot. So I googled a little further and wow! All I can say is wow.

Apparently, just after WW2 we were sitting around with this new nuclear technology. And in order to justify keeping it around, we pondered what possible uses we could have for this enormous power. So a few individuals settled on using nuclear bombs to blow out a deep water harbor/port somewhere on the U.S. coast. They finally settle on Alaska. The resulting fight over the project resulted in the birth of the environmental movement.

Wanting to know more about what I could only imagine as one of the stupidest ideas….ever…I bought this book called “The Firecracker Boys”. Its interesting and worth a read. Hard to imagine that we actually pondered doing something like this. How blazingly naive we were.


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