Oh my F%^%kin god, they did not!

Yup, they did. The AMA went and made Obesity a disease. I don’t think America really realizes the consequences. I am no string bean, but I am pretty healthy all things considered and on the path of getting better each day thanks to hard work, discipline, and educating myself. But that is another category in here. I am referring to those who are truly obese. Those whom sweat when they eat…….

Let’s start with the announcement. Last week the American Medical Association made the announcement officially classifying obesity as a disease. A move they said would help doctors take obesity seriously. That makes me wonder why they were not before. Also, why weren’t we? Keep in mind that the there are several factors here. First, there is no universally accepted definition of what constitutes a disease. So when we think of things like cancer, the flu, and meningitis, you know things you  can’t really prevent, when we think of a disease.

Second, and most important, the AMA is a lobby group. They are not the government. So their decision cannot be influenced by law. This lobby group did so against the opinion of a committee they had formed to study the matter. So why would this group of doctors go against the words and wishes of their own internal committee appointed to study the matter?

Money. See many obesity treatments and drugs are not really covered by traditional insurance. By having the AMA legitimize it, insurance companies will be more inclined to pay. Who makes out from that? Clinics, drug companies, doctors, hospitals, you know the health care industry. Let’s not forget they are a business, and business is good. Think doctors won’t get rewarded for prescribing many of the new obesity drugs hitting the market this year? Oh you bet they will.  Also, someone has to make the “lap band” and all the crap they use to sew your stomach shut instead of your mouth. This is a con job from the get go. This whole thing is so the legions of pharma companies, and health care companies can make money by giving obese people an easy out. They even found a way to make you feel not so bad about being fat.

They also said they did it to help raise awareness of type 2 diabetes. his is the stupidest part of the argument. Remember when the American Heart Association and all the other groups like the AMA all got on board with saying low-fat was bad? They did that in the hopes that if you avoided all fat, you would avoid the bad ones. Then they had us replace the fats (even the good ones) with processed carbohydrates. Boom, epidemic. So now it really still isn’t their fault. They weren’t wrong! Holy shit, why didn’t we think of it before? It’s not our bad advice that made you fat, it’s a disease.

If at this point you actually trust your doctor when it comes to nutrition, I am sorry but you’re stupid. The information they have to work off of is mostly based on junk science and stuff fed to them by lobby groups. Sure they are taught nutritional basics in Med School, but do they really understand it? They can make some generalizations but it stops there. The best and most generic advice they can give you is eat less, eat better and exercise.

I am sorry, but I will just say it. Obesity is not a disease. There may be some things that predispose you to be fat, genetics, thyroid, side affects of medication, laid up with a debilitating injury. These are symptoms, contributors only. They are not why you are obese. You can argue with me all day, but 99.9% of the obese population does not have an affliction that is completely uncontrollable and making them gain weight.

Your body does not gain weight simply by existing. Your weight is a direct result of what you put in your mouth, how your body reacts to it, and your genetic makeup. Thyroid problems causing weight gain? They can treat that, so stop blaming it. Mom had big hips, well you will too if you eat and live like she did. You got that same belly as your uncle Frank, I bet you and he have a few “tastes” in common.

The biggest influence of all of this is you. Your attitude, what you eat, how much exercise you get. That’s what bugs me about weight loss surgery. I have seen a few people do it. And in each case they gain the weight back eventually. Why? Because they do not fundamentally change their lifestyle. They do at first because the alteration to their body leaves no choice. But eventually they overcome that and little by little the fat creeps back in then ….booom. Fat again. Gastric bypass, lap band and all that other crap is the easy way out. That’s why it sometimes doesn’t work. Do the work, get the results. The mental transformation you go through will stick with you much longer than any quick fix surgery, or pill.

Now back to the announcement. They day it came out how many American’s were thinking of doing something about their weight loss, but were wavering on the fence? Ten thousand?Twenty? More most likely. How many do you think are still willing to make the fundamental lifestyle changes necessary now that the AMA gave them the easy way out? I would say less than a third. Why should they? They can go to the doctor and get a pill. The drug companies will even give you a brochure of things to say to your doctor to steer them into prescribing you their new pill. They educated the Doctor’s on what to listen for.

Nice job AMA. I bet if you take an obesity snapshot of America right now and another one in ten years you will see it has gotten worse. All the AMA did is give obese people an excuse. You won’t convince me, ever. And now how much is it going to cost all of us? How many BILLIONS more in health care costs to treat this “disease”?

I will write you a prescription to Planet Fitness right now. Twenty dollar monthly co-pay. Stop whining about your circumstances between bites of Oreo and slurps of chocolate milk. I sometimes pant when I get to the top of the stairs, but that’s because I run up them. What’s your excuse? Cheeseburger addiction?

In my world you can legally chase fat people with a car……AT A MODERATE SPEED OF COURSE. I have no sympathy for you. There are people that I work out with that are trying to lose weight and I respect the fact they are trying. I will never begrudge them that. The rest of you…..remember, it’s called a “pie hole” for a reason. Shut it.

I gotta stop now before I get really nasty. But I feel a little better having ranted all of that out of my system. Until I see the next fat person wheeling around WalMart in an electric cart, with a box of Rice Krispy Squares and a jug of Hawaiian punch in the basket.  Then I will probably start up again.

Here is a link to the story if you want to read it for yourself:



2 thoughts on “Oh my F%^%kin god, they did not!

  1. I’m glad somebody else is taking notice of this happening! I agree with you in that I don’t think obesity itself is a disease, but I would say that it is the result as well as the cause of other diseases such as diabetes, varying heart diseases, and often psychological problems. I absolutely agree that a lot of times doctors will prescribe medicines or surgeries purely for the financial benefits rather than taking the time to explain to these people that all of the side-effect diseases could be cured with proper diet and exercise. I think it also has a lot to do with the way health and nutrition are taught, a.k.a. very poorly. Like you said, people are always being told new things to eat or not eat, try or not try, instead of being given the facts about what their body really needs from a nutritional standpoint.

    Great post!

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