Oh my aching shins..

So I have decided to keep a category on my heath and fitness.Or rather my quest for a healthier and fitter me. My family on my Father’s side left me many gifts. Among those gifts are genetic pre-disposition to heart disease and obesity. So health for me is more than just wanting to be thin, muscular and look good naked….

I don’t want to look like a melting candle when I get older. I don’t want that big round belly gushing out from the bottom of my t-shirt when I reach over my head.  I don’t want an aneurysm while lugging in the groceries when a bacon clot busts loose and lodges in my heart.

In December I decided to shock my body and start CrossFit. So I did my “on-ramp”and started in. It was expensive, it was tough and it was frustrating. I kept getting hurt and I didn’t feel I was getting all I could out of it. So after getting hurt one last time, I left that place for greener pastures. Maybe it wasn’t CrossFit, but rather my gym, or “box” as we say.

So I went to this new place a few weeks ago called CrossFit Webster, a sister-box of Flower City CrossFit. They had a grand-opening special for boot-camp classes, so I signed up. I went through boot camp (for real) back in ’89, so I kind of thought my body would remember…..yeah, that’s a load of crap. My body didn’t remember.  So after two weeks of boot camp, my shoulder is actually healing good, and my cardio is getting up there. I have made the decision to try out their “on-ramp” fundamentals program. If I think my  problem was bad introductory training at the last place, this is my shot to undo the damage.Besides, I really like the place and the instructors are great. Constantly encouraging, pushing and critiquing your technique. Motivating you to do more. Not standing around in the corner shooting the shit with their friends while you blow out your rotator cuff doing kipping pull-ups.

By blogging not only will I get to track my progress, but I will hold myself accountable by putting myself out there. I am not counting on others to post motivational comments, or offer words of encouragement. I have to do this on my own. What I offer you is a chance to learn from my mistakes and my victories. I might just get something right.

And, I know it will make me feel guilty if I start to slack off from my goals. Psychologically, knowing that you know about all this  will help hold me accountable. So I will be doing CrossFit and continuing with sticking to eating Paleo. I am not really charting my weight loss, as much as going by how I look and feel. My other goal is to compete i the CrossFit Open Games next spring…..I don’t expect to be #1 in the region and go to the games. But I am competitive and I do expect to give it my all and see how many I can take down along the way. I will be the catfish in the tank that make the other fish swim faster.

I will hold myself accountable to all of you. So lets go. Right now my shins hurt from a double-under clinic. But I managed to improve a little. Tomorrow I have a boot-camp class after work and I am signing up for the CrossFit fundamentals class to transition into the faster paced CrossFit classes.

I would say wish me luck…….but that’s not my style.


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