Welcome, sit down, strap in and feed your mind.

SO, this is my second attempt at a blog. Last time things got a little complex, political and time consuming. This time things are different. How so? well, let me explain.m

There are several topics that I wanted to blog about. So instead of having several blogs, there will be one, with four or so topic sections. I am now free to rant about current events, eviscerate the talking heads from Fox and MSNBC, change gears and get all introspective over my current weigh loss goals and journey in to CrossFit….whatever I feel like. And all in one convenient location.

Remember, a word to the wise before reading. This is my world. These are my opinions (and I do not form them lightly or easily). I am not here to argue, I am not here soliciting to have my mind changed. If you are lucky, maybe you can convince me. But don’t spew out verbatim some crap you read somewhere ( someone else’s idea), give me your campaign slogans, or crazy utopian ideas. I am an individual grounded in reason, fact, and what I can observe with my five senses. 

You may not always like what I say, but whether you realize it or not,  you will be stronger and smarter for having heard it. Not that I am some mecca of knowledge or mountaintop dwelling guru. am a student of humanity, I learn form everything and everyone around me. If you are smart,  you will too. I like to think I have a unique take on things and a power to see through the bullshit that coats many other peoples’ ideas.

So here we go…….


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